From Lara Alcock,

Dear colleague,

Happy new year! As you may remember me saying at the time, I would like to get some feedback on my video-based presentation at ISUME3. I would like to use this:

  1. to inform the eventual content of the DVD, which will be available for individual and group use by mathematicians, and
  2. in reports/presentations/papers about the development of the DVD.

At this stage I am interested in anything you think might be useful to me in pursuing this project. Please do not feel constrained by this, but you might like to include what you learned, how it has affected your thinking and/or practice, whether you found it enjoyable, what kind of additional information you think should be on the DVD, whether you think it will work well as a stand-alone resource and for what purposes, etc. I am grateful for any and all feedback, and would rather have too much than too little!

Finally, I will keep your answers anonymous, but would be grateful if you would fill them in below with a small amount of information about your role and teaching experience.

Please reply to

Thank you very much for your time, and best wishes for the new year,


Type of institution where you currently work:
Example(s) of course(s) you typically teach:
Years of experience in teaching mathematics: