1st December 2017

Hardiman Research Building, NUI Galway

Contact: siam.nuig@gmail.com

The Book of Abstracts is now available in PDF format.


09:15 Registration (THB-G011)
09:45 Dr Adrienne Gorman
(Vice Dean for Research, CoS)
Opening Remarks
10:00 Dr Nicole Beisiegel
(University College Dublin)
Computational Methods for Water Waves
10:40 Christopher O Connor
(University College Cork)
Modern Theory of Coupled Lasers and Exceptional Points
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Joey O Brien
(University of Limerick)
Feedback-based Stock Trading
11:50 Shane Walsh
(University College Dublin)
Resonant collision of deep water waves in one-dimensional propagation
12:10 Paul O'Keeffe
(University College Cork)
Tipping in Ecosystems: Points of No Return
12:30 Lunch and Poster Session (THB-G011)
13:50 Dr Catherine Enright
(Valeo Vision Systems)
The Vision For Driver Assistance
14:30 Gary O'Keeffe
(University of Limerick)
Modelling the Efficiency of Nanofluid-based Solar Collectors
14:50 Coffee Break
15:20 Miaad Alqurashi
(University College Cork)
Application of State Space Models in Financial and Economic Data
15:40 Kevin Devine
(University of Limerick)
Modelling of fold-type oscillation mark formation in continuous steel casting
16:00 Closing Remarks