About Us

The NUI Galway Student Chapter of SIAM was founded in 2014, with the aim of bringing together students and researchers from across campus to generate interest in applied mathematics, share ideas, and develop leadership skills. Members range from pure and applied mathematics to information technology, physics and engineering.

We are part of the SIAM UK & Republic of Ireland Section of SIAM; see also our NUI Galway Student Chapter page on the SIAM website.

Many of our members are associated with the Stokes Cluster for Applied Mathematics, and we regularly co-organize events with the Cluster.

Contact: siam.nuig@gmail.com

Address: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics, NUI Galway, University Road, Galway

Current Officers & Committee (2017-2018)

President: Eoghan Staunton
Vice President: Roberto Galizia
Secretary: Cian O'Brien
Treasurer: Hannah Conroy Broderick
Faculty Advisor: Niall Madden
Committee Members: Faiza Alssaedi, Nisreen Alokbi, John Cormican, Paul Greaney, Aoife Hill, Róisín Hill, Vinh Mai, Christine Marshall, Robert Mangan, Qays Shakir, Michael Welby.

Previous Officers

Officers for 2016-2017

President: Paul Greaney
Vice President:Christine Marshall
Secretary: Eoghan Staunton
Treasurer:Robert Mangan
Faculty Advisor: Niall Madden
Committee Members: Faiza Alssaedi, Richard Burke, Hannah Conroy Broderick, Roberto Galizia, Róisín Hill, Vinh Mai, Qays Shakir, Michael Welby.

Officers for 2015-2016

President: Richard Burke
Vice President: Christine Marshall
Secretary/Treasurer: Paul Greaney
Faculty Advisor: Niall Madden
Committee Members: Faiza Alssaedi, Bram Siebert, Stephen Russell, Eoghan Staunton, Michael Welby.

Officers for 2014-2015

President: Stephen Russell
Vice President:Shane Burns
Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Burke
Faculty Advisor: Niall Madden
Committee Members: John Donohue, Artur Gower, Paul Greaney, Eoghan Staunton, Thái Anh Nhan.