Groups in Galway 2004

A conference will be held at National University of Ireland, Galway, on Friday 14 May and
Saturday 15 May 2004.  All who are interested are very welcome to attend.

The speakers are

   Professor Martin Bridson (Oxford)
   Professor Patrick Dehornoy (Caen)
   Professor Alla Detinko (Polotsk)
   Professor Bettina Eick (Braunschweig)
   Professor Alexander Lichtman (Wisconsin-Parkside)
   Professor Edmund Robertson (St Andrews)
   Dr Class Röver (Trinity College Dublin)
   Professor Hamish Short (Aix-Marseilles)
   Dr Gerald Williams (Galway)
   Dr Dmitri Zaitsev (Trinity College Dublin)

All talks will be held in the Máirtín Ó Tnúthail Theatre (formerly AM150), Arts Millennium
building, NUI, Galway campus.

Friday 14 May

10.00-10.45      Williams, Free subgroups in groups defined by periodic paired relations
11.00-11.45       Röver, Groups related to formal languages
11.45-12.15       Coffee/tea
12.15-1.00         Robertson, Problems on group presentations revisited
1.00-2.30           Lunch
2.30-3.15           Zaitsev, Lie group structures on CR automorphism groups
3.15-4.00           Bridson, Non-positive curvature, fibre products, and a problem of Grothendieck
4.00-4.30           Coffee/tea
4.30-5.15           Dehornoy, The group of fractal braids
5.15-6.00           Detinko, Algorithmic problems in computing with matrix groups

Saturday 15 May

9.30-10.15          Eick, On the classification of p-groups by coclass

10.15-11.00        Lichtman, Restricted Lie algebras of polycyclic groups  abstract

11.00-11.30        Coffee/tea

11.30-12.30        Short,  Solving Conjugacy Problems in Hyperbolic Groups

For further information, please contact John Burns (
or Dane Flannery (

Groups in Galway 2004 gratefully acknowledges the support of Boston Scientific Ireland Ltd,
AIB (Newcastle branch), and Bank of Ireland (NUI, Galway branch).

Postscript:  photographs from the conference:   1  2  3  4