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Second de Brún Workshop on Computational Algebra

(29 June - 10 July 2009)


De Brún Workshop on Applied Topology and Algebraic Statistics

Participants of the conference are warmly invited to take part in the 2nd de Brún Workshop on Computational Algebra.

The aim of the de Brún Workshops is to establish within Ireland new areas of advanced research in mathematics, with significant impact on other sciences and industry.

The Workshops are aimed at a wide audience of mathematicians, in all areas of research, and at all stages of their career (including graduate students). Special lecture courses in new or recently emerging topics at the interface of different areas of mathematics are delivered by leading international experts. You can attend the regular lecture courses, as well as contribute a talk. The Workshops are especially fruitful for graduate students.




Other Events


*   The 22nd British Combinatorial Conference (5 July – 10 July 2009)


The 22nd British Combinatorial Conference will be held at the University of St Andrews, UK.



*   The 9th International Conference on Finite Fields and Applications (13 July – 17 July 2009)


The conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland. The Fq 9 conference will honour the 65th birthdays of Harald Niederreiter and Steve Cohen.



*   Groebner bases, Geometric codes and Order Domains: Summer Doctoral School 2009 (8 June – 13 June 2009)


The Summer Doctoral School will be held at University of Trento, Italy.



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Past Events


(18-19 June 2007)



The International Workshop on Hadamard and Cocyclic Matrices and Applications took place in Sevilla (Andalucia, Spain).