de Brún Centre for Computational Algebra

National University of Ireland, Galway

Professor E. Zelmanov

Public lecture by Professor Efim Zelmanov

14 October, 2009, 3pm

NCBES Seminar Room, NUI Galway


The de Brún Centre for Computational Algebra is pleased to announce a forthcoming public lecture ‘Asymptotic properties of finite groups and finite dimensional algebras’ at National University of Ireland, Galway, by Professor Efim Zelmanov, member of the Advisory Board of the Centre.

Professor  Zelmanov is one of the greatest algebraists of modern times. In 1994 he was awarded the Fields Medal (commonly known as the Nobel Prize for mathematicians) for his solution of the Restricted Burnside Problem — a fundamental algebraic conjecture that many leading mathematicians worked on throughout the 20th century. Professor Zelmanov has also solved classical long-standing questions in the theory of Lie Algebras and Jordan algebras.

He received the Collège de France Medal in 1992, and the Andre Aizenstadt Prize in 1996. He was elected, at the age of 47, to the National Academy of Sciences, USA, becoming the youngest member of the Academy’s Mathematics division.

Professor  Zelmanov holds the Rita Atkinson Endowed Chair in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. Previously he was a Professor of Mathematics at Yale University.

The lecture by Professor Walter Feit, delivered at the 1994 Fields medal award ceremony in Zürich, contains more details..


The lecture will take place in the NCBES Seminar Room, Orbsen Building.

Admission is free.

Tea/coffee reception starts at 2.30pm in the foyer of the building.


Professor Zelmanov at Groups St Andrews in Galway’93  photo

NUI Galway press release here

Podcast of the Public Lecture is available here

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We are grateful to Fiona Concannon (CELT) and Ruth Hynes (Press Office) for assistance with organizing the Public Lecture.


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