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MA 321 - Computer Packages for Mathematics

Course Info






Course Information


Dr Niall Madden
Room 301, Riverside Terrapin
Phone: 091 524411 x3803

Office Hours:

Wed, Thur. 10-11


Thurs 12, Boole Suite.

Friday: 11am, C219


Wed 10-11 and Thu 11-12

Course Content:

Computer packages for mathematics - with particular regard to Maple. Basic calculations, functions and expressions, solving equations (single, nonlinear, systems, recurrence, etc.), calculus, programming, statistics.


Course work (Lab assignments and project)
In class written paper

(Marks for MA321 will be incorporated into results for other Maths subjects)



Printed overheads from lectures will be posted here.
For additional notes/diagrams that were drawn on the backboard, please refer to you own notes.
All notes are in PDF format. You'll have to use Adobe's Acrobat Reader, or Ghostview, to read them.
(Both programs are free and are available on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms).
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  Sep 13:  Intro to MA321  (3 pages) 
  Sep 20:  Intro to Maple  (2 pages) 
  Sep 26:  Intro to Maple II  (printable version)  (2 pages) 
  Oct 03-04:  Plotting, expressions, and functions  (printable version)  (2 pages) 
  Oct 10:  Solving equations and inequalities (printable version)  (2 pages) 
  Oct 11:  More about equations (printable version)  (2 pages) 
  Oct 17:  Limits (printable version)   (2 pages) 
  Oct 18:  Derivatives (printable version)   (2 pages) 
  Oct 24:  More about Derivatives (printable version)   (2 pages) 
  Oct 25:  Graphical analysis (printable version)   (2 pages) 
  Oct 31:  More minimizing... (printable version)   (2 pages) 
  Nov 01:  Packages: plots and linalg (printable version)   (3 pages) 
  Nov 07:  Integration I (printable version)   (1 page) 
  Nov 08:  Integration II (printable version)   (1 page) 
  Nov 14:  Programming (printable version)   (3 page) 


Lab times: Wednesdays 10-11 and Thursdays 11-12. All take place in the Boole suite, Block S.

Oct 02-03: Lab 1 (the basics...)
Oct 09-10: Lab 2 (functions and plotting)
Oct 16-17: Lab 3 (solving equations)
Oct 13-24: Lab 4 (limits)
Oct 30-31: Lab 5 (derivatives)
Nov 6-7: Lab 6 (Packages)
Nov 13-14: Lab 7 (Integration)


Maple for Students - a collection of on-line tutorials and other materials.

Niall Madden
Oct 2002