CS103 Computer Science (NUI Galway, 2019/2020)

General information

Lecture notes

  1. Orientation week. (PDF)
  2. Introduction. (PDF, notebook)
  3. Python as a calculator. Computing with strings, part 1. (PDF, notebook)
  4. Computing with strings, part 2. Jupyter. (PDF, notebook)
  5. Values and variables. Euclid's algorithm. (PDF, notebook)
  6. Software development. Statements. (PDF, notebook)
  7. Functions. (PDF, notebook)
  8. Modular inverses. Lists and for loops, part 1. (PDF, notebook)
  9. Lists and for loops, part 2. if statements, part 1. (PDF, notebook)
  10. if statements, part 2. while statements, part 1. (PDF, notebook)
  11. while statements, part 2. (PDF, notebook)
  12. Complex conditions. (PDF, notebook)
  13. Dictionaries. (PDF, notebook)
  14. Advanced string operations, part 1. (PDF, notebook)
  15. Advanced string operations, part 2. (PDF, notebook)
  16. Files, part 1. (PDF, notebook)
  17. Files, part 2. Abstract data types, part 1. (PDF, notebook). Python files: countdown.py, affine.py, nt.py
  18. Abstract data types, part 2. (PDF, notebook)
  19. Abstract data types, part 3. (PDF, notebook). Python file: rpn.py



Assignments are delivered and collected on jupyter.nuigalway.ie. You need to submit your solutions there before the respective deadline. Please see the following graphical guide for instructions.

You can submit as many times as you wish prior to the deadline, only the most recent submission will be marked. Late submissions will not be accepted. A valid doctor's certificate or equivalent, covering the 72 hours prior to the deadline, is needed for an exemption on an assignment.

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