The program belongs to the PLUME index of the CNRS. computes a fundamental domain for the Bianchi groups in hyperbolic 3-space, the associated quotient space and essential information about the group homology and equivariant K-homology of the Bianchi groups.
The intensive computations award C3I has been attributed to the thesis developing
This program is based on the specialized computer algebra system Pari/GP; and version 2.4.3 or higher of the latter is required to execute
Pari/GP is available free of charge on the Pari/GP development headquarters website. is part of the GP scripts library of Pari/GP Development Center. is downloadable from here free of charge, covered by the GNU General Public License .
A description of is given in the appendix of the PhD thesis of Alexander D. Rahm.

See also the cell complexes database computed with

Luigi Bianchi (1856-1928) contains the following libraries of functions and procedures.

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