Cell complexes database for the Bianchi groups

This is a database of quotients by Bianchi groups of two-dimensional cellular equivariant retracts of Hyperbolic three-space. The Bianchi groups SL(2, A), with A the ring of integers in the imaginary quadratic number field obtained by adjoining the squareroot of minus a square-free rational integer m > 0 to the rational numbers, are distinguished by their discriminant, or equivalently by the integer m. These quotient cell complexes have been computed with my program Bianchi.gp, and are provided as archive files with an included readme.txt file containing instructions on how to make use of them.

m = 67 m = 163 m = 123 m = 427 m = 22 m = 34

The entire database is of a disk size of 7 Gigabytes, and contains over hundred cell complexes, namely all cases of Bianchi groups with discriminant of absolute value less than 500, as well as all cases of class numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and almost all of the cases of class number 4. You can download these cell complexes individually from ARAN - Access to Research at NUI Galway, where the database is published.

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