Groups in Galway 2008

The 2008 'Groups in Galway' conference took place at the National University of Ireland, Galway, on 16-17 May. Thanks to all who participated.
Groups in Galway has been running on an annual basis since 1978. The scope of the conference covers all areas of group theory, applications, and related fields. All who are interested are invited to attend. The webpage of last year's Groups in Galway conference is located here.

As in the last two years there was a poster session and wine reception before the conference dinner on the evening of Friday May 16.



All talks take place in the Máirtin Ó Tnúthail Lecture Theatre (AM150) in the Arts Millenium Building.
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Friday 16 May

10.00-10.45 Dane Flannery Group Actions on Pairwise Combinatorial Designs Sorry, no abstract available.

11.00-11.45 Kevin Jennings Difference Sets in Abelian Groups A subset D of the additive finite group G is a difference set in G if each nonidentity element of G can be expressed in exactly &lambda ways (for some fixed &lambda) as a difference a-b where a and b are in D. The existence of a difference set in a group G imposes restrictions on the order and structure of G; some severe restrictions are conjectured. We present here some recent results on the classical difference sets.

11.45-12.15 Coffee/tea

12.15-1.00 Niamh O'Sullivan Residual properties of ascending HNN extensions Sorry, no abstract available.

1.00-2.30 Lunch

2.30-3.15 Colin Campbell Presentations galore At the time of the centenary of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society in 1983, two of the three honorary members at that time were H S M Coxeter and W L Edge. As the Society has just celebrated its 125th anniversary, I realize that I have been influenced by these two mathematicians throughout most of my career. I will discuss group presentations that have interested me over many years. Some questions have been answered but many open questions remain.

3.15-4.00 Martin Edjvet Embedding Theorems for Cyclically Presented Groups We will discuss how intersections of Magnus subgroups of one-relator groups influence when they embed into a cyclically presented group.

4.00-4.30 Coffee/tea

4.30-5.15 Armando Martino A Metric on Outer Space We introduce a metric on Outer Space analagous to the Teichmueller metric and study various properties of it, and how they relate to automorphisms of free groups.

5.30 Poster Session and Wine Reception

8.30 Conference Dinner: Westwood House Hotel, Newcastle Road

Saturday 17 May

9.30-10.15 Paul Flavell A new Proof of the Solvable Signalizer Functor Theorem Sorry, no abstract available.

10.15-11.00 Ana Martínez-Pastor Some Results on Products of π-decomposable Groups We present new results regarding products of π-decomposable groups. The starting point of our work is the well-known theorem of Kegel and Wielandt which states the solubility of a group which is the product of nilpotent subgroups. This theorem has been the motivation for a number of results in the literature on factorized groups. In our case we have considered groups G = AB which are factorized as the product of two π-decomposable subgroups A and B, for a set of primes π.

11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea

11.30-12.15 Maria Dolores Pérez-Ramos On Sylow Normalizers of Finite Groups We are interested in the influence of the Sylow normalizers, i.e., normalizers of Sylow subgroups, on the structure of finite groups. In particular, for some classes of groups, which can be seen as extension of nilpotent groups, we prove that a group belongs to the class if and only if its Sylow normalizers belong to the class. The classes appearing in our work are classes of groups with nilpotent Hall subgroups for well-defined sets of primes; as a particular case for instance, classes of groups which are direct product of Hall subgroups corresponding to pairwise disjoint sets of primes.

12.15-1.00 Nik Ruskuc Some combinatorial properties of direct products of
groups, semigroups and other algebraic structures Sorry, no abstract available.

Travel and Accommodation

Please contact Ireland West for further information about accommodation near NUI Galway.

For further information, please keep an eye on this website which will be updated regularly, or contact one of the organizers, Rachel Quinlan or Claas Röver.

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